December 31 2012 - Hotfix 1.1.2Edit

Affected addons:

	*dayz_code 1.1.2 [DayZ+]
	*dayz_equip 1.1.2 [DayZ+]

Developer's Notes:

	* Protip: Dont try to climb up buildings with very steep roofs :).

	* Some constuction objects such as scaffolding appear to be huge when placing but sink into gound when constructed, this is normal as part of the building goes undergorund.


	* [NEW] Pain and infection now due to damage taken and blood level
	* [NEW] Can now move while constructing a building (no running/jogging allowed).
	* [NEW]	Construction System V3 ,You Can Construct The Following:
		NOTE: You can now construct the items from 1.1 aswell

			* Gate [1x Wire Fence Kit, 2x Scrap Metal]
			* Large Ladder [4x Scrap Metal]
			* Small Ladder [2x Scrap Metal]
			* Scaffolding [3x Wood Pile, 3x Scrap Metal]

	* [FIXED] Deconstruct bug fixed
	* [FIXED] Possible Fix for tents & other objects moving over server restart [Needs More Testing]

	* [REMOVED] Santa skin from loot table [If you still have one, hold onto it]

	* [UPDATED] Zombie damage reduced slightly and made more constant.

December 26 2012 - Hotfix 1.1.1Edit


Affected addons:

	*dayz_code 1.1.1 [DayZ+]
	*dayz_weapons 1.1.1 [DayZ+]
Developer's Notes:

	* Protip: Dont get yourself out numbered by zombies.

	* [FIXED] Zombie's Attack

	* [UPDATED] Zombie Damage Increased
	* [UPDATED] Hatchet Damage Decreased
	* [UPDATED] Crowbar Damage Increased	
	* [FIXED] Incorrect build which caused glitches in previous version of 1.1.1

December 25 2012 - Release 1.1Edit


Affected addons:

	*dayz_code 1.1 [DayZ+]
	*dayz_anim 1.1 [DayZ+]
	*dayz_equip 1.1 [DayZ+]
	*dayz_extras 1.1 [DayZ+]
	*santaclaus 1.1 [DayZ+][Temp]

Developer's Notes:

	* You can now rotate construction objects before confirming build placement.
	* Buildings can also be deconstructed back into the players inventory.
	* Only the player who built the building can deconstruct it.

	* [NEW] Construction System V2 ,You Can Construct The Following:

			* Round Bag Fence [2x Sandbags]
			* Fortified Round Bag Fence [2x Round Bag Fences, 1x Wood Pile]
			* Deer Stand [6x Wood Pile]

	* [NEW] Combat System V2 [Similar To The DayZRedux System]
	* [NEW] Added Santa Clothing To Loot Tale [Merry Christmas]
	* [NEW] Kill Messages [ A Killed B With C ]
	* [NEW] Full Moon Nights Every Night

	* [FIXED] The Broken Leg Glitch
	* [FIXED] SCAR-L Config Error On Loading

	* [UPDATED] Ghillie Suits Now Spawning At Barracks Again
	* [UPDATED] M9 SD Now Only Spawns At Barracks
	* [UPDATED] Backpack (coyote) Now Only Spawns At Barracks
	* [UPDATED] Reduced Spawn Rate Of Pistols In Supermarkets
	* [UPDATED] Reduced Spawn Rate Of Shotguns In Farms
	* [UPDATED] Reduced Spawn Rate Of Skins
	* [UPDATED] Reduced Spawn Rate Of GPS
	* [UPDATED] Loading Screen [More High-Res]

December 1 2012 - Hotfix 1.0.1Edit

Affected addons:

	* dayz_code 1.0.1 [DayZ+]
	* dayz_anim 1.0.1 [DayZ+]
	* dayz_equip 1.0.1 [DayZ+]

Developer's Notes:

	* There are some undocumented changes which are server side changes (Createvehicle restriction fixes etc.)


	* [FIXED] Tentbag Error When Constructing Items

	* [REMOVED] FN FAL ANPVS4 From Loot Table
	* [REMOVED] Mi8 CrashSites From Game

	* [UPDATED] Optimized Loot Spawning
	* [UPDATED] Optimized Loading Times
	* [UPDATED] Complete Rewrte Of Loot Tables
	* [UPDATED] 3 UH1Y Crashsites Spawn Instead Of 2
	* [UPDATED] 2 UH60 Crashsites Spawn Instead Of 1

November 27 2012 - Initial Release 1.0Edit

<textarea>Affected addons:

* dayz_code 1.0 [DayZ+
* dayz_anim 1.0 [DayZ+]
* dayz_equip 1.0 [DayZ+]
* dayz_weapons 1.0 [DayZ+]

Developer's Notes:

* Since Chernarus is a sort of Czech/Russian area, I made only Czech and Russian weapons available at military loot spawns including the barracks. I have also moved all US weapons and gear to crash site only loot, which would add to the background of there being a war between Chernarus and the USA.U
* The baseball is another throwable object, similar to empty tin cans.

The ragged Ghillie suit is a Ghillie suit that only just survived the war, and has been slightly torn up in the process. It will provide some camouflage, though not as much as a normal Ghillie suit.


* [NEW] DayZ+ Loading Screen
* [NEW] In-Game Construction System, You Can Construct The Following:
* Camo Net
* H-Barrier
* Watch Tower
* Sand Bag Nest
* Wire Fence (CAT 2)
* [NEW] Baseball Added To Loot Table
* [NEW] Netting Material Added To Loot Table
* [NEW] Soldier Clothing Added To Loot Table
* [NEW] Ragged Ghilie Suit Added To Loot Table
* [NEW] Urban Bandit Clothing Added To Loot Table
* [NEW] Woodland Bandit Clothing Added To Loot Table
* [NEW] Woodland Ranger Clothing Added To Loot Table
* [NEW] Terrorist Clothing Added To Loot Table
* [NEW] M40A3 Added To Loot Table
* [NEW] AK-107 PSO Added To Loot Table
* [NEW] Scorpian PDW Added To Loot Table
* [NEW] AK-107 Added To Loot Table
* [NEW] Sa vz.58P Added To To Loot Table
* [NEW] Sa vz.58V Added To Loot Table
* [NEW] AKS Added To Loot Table
* [NEW] AKS-74 PSO Added To Loot Table
* [NEW] SVD Dragunov Added To Loot Table
* [NEW] AK-74 GP25 Added To Loot Table
* [NEW] AK-107 GP25 Added To Loot Table
* [NEW] PKM Added To Loot Table
* [NEW] M24 Desert Added To Loot Table
* [NEW] Bizon(Non-SD) Added To Loot Table
* [NEW] Added GP25 Ammo, Spawns Similar To M203 Ammo
* [NEW] Mi8 CrashSite's Added [2 Per Restart]
* [NEW] UH60 CrashSite's Added [1 Per Restart]
* [NEW] Vehicle Spawn Table [63 Vehicle Spawn Points]
* [FIXED] Hackers/Cheaters Can No Longer Spawn Anything That Is Not In DayZ+
* [REMOVED] AS50 From Loot Table
* [REMOVED] M107 From Loot Table
* [REMOVED] M107 Ammo From Loot Table
* [REMOVED] NVGoggles From Loot Table
* [REMOVED] Rangefinders From Loot Table
* [REMOVED] M136 From Loot Table
* [REMOVED] 5.56 Ammobox From Loot Table
* [REMOVED] 7.62 Ammobox From Loot Table
* [UPDATED] Crossbow Reload Time Decreased
* [UPDATED] Revamped Loot Tables (Have Fun...)
* [UPDATED] 2x UH1Y CrashSites Per Restart
* [UPDATED] Weapons Always Spawn With 1-2 Mags
* [UPDATED] Tent Model Changed
* [UPDATED] Map Model Changed
* [UPDATED] Crowbar Can Now Be Toolbelted
* [UPDATED] Scrap Metal Now 2 Inventory Slots
* [UPDATED] Czech Vest Pouch Now 5 Slots
* [UPDATED] Patrol Pack (coyote) Now 10 Slots
* [UPDATED] Assault Pack (ACU) Now 15 Slots
* [UPDATED] Czech Backpack Is Now 25 Slots
* [UPDATED] Backpack (coyote) Is Now 30 Slots
* [UPDATED] High-Res Camo Clothing That Does Not Require BAF DLC
* [UPDATED] High-Res Ghillie Suit That Does Not Require BAF DLC
* [UPDATED] The Only Ammo You Can Find In A Loot Pile Is For Pistols
 * Example 1 - You Can Only Find Stanag Ammo With The Gun That Spawns With Stanag Ammo
     * Example 2 - You Can Still Find Makarov Mags In Normal Loot Piles
* [UPDATED] Medical Supply Boxes Contents Reduced To:
  * 4x Bandage
  * 2x Epi-Pen
  * 2x Morphine
  * 2x Blood Bag
  * 2x Painkiller