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Survivors are players who have neither proven that they help others nor shown that they kill them. They are knownas 'neutral players' and often are either new to the game or don't help or hinder people in general. There are 3 male survivor skins and 1 female, the male skins are black, white, and beige, and the female is blue. Survivors are identified by their hat, sleeves, and clothes, and are easily distinguished from both bandits and heroes.


Bandits are players who either enjoy the rush of killing other players, or have killed another player even in self-
300px-Skin Bandit

Bandit, photo taken from DayZ wiki.

defense. To become a bandit you need to have at least -2500 humanity, and you will earn yourself a new skin (complete with shemagh). Bandits are usually fired upon on sight by other players in fear of their own lives, but not all bandits are killers. With the way the humanity system is now, you lose humanity even if you were shot at first.


Heroes are players who have shown that they heal others through the use of medical supplies, and are often the most respected (or targeted) in-game players. They are identifiable by their blue and white flannelette shirt, and have a vest which protects them from some small-caliber bullets such as pistol rounds. To become a hero, a player must have at least 5000 humanity,
300px-Skin Hero

A hero, photo taken from DayZ wiki.

which can be gained by healing players with medical supplies. Also, humanity increases by 250 for every 20 minutes you spend in dense forest areas. Heroes are usually friendly in game, but can be targeted by bandits, and are likely to kill them on sight.